Alexandra Rickeman, LCMFT
Marriage and Family Therapist
You can have the relationship you want.
        “You’re not listening!”
"I just can't trust you anymore."
"The past is the past. I don't want to talk about it anymore."
        “Calm down! Why are you getting so upset?” 
        “What has happened to us?"
        "Why aren't we intimate anymore?"


Do any of these sound familiar?  These thoughts and feelings are common when your relationship is not working the way you had hoped or expected.

Alexandra Rickeman, LCMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist


Whether you are looking to improve your relationship or you are feeling hopeless about it, there is good news…

                                                             Things can get better

Making the step to come to counseling can be difficult.  It involves meeting a stranger and telling them about your personal business. Some are people concerned that they will be judged or blamed, and others are concerned that talking about issues could increase conflict and distance.  

While therapy does involve discussing the decisions, feelings, and behavior that brought your relationship to where it is now, we focus on working 
towards a relationship future that you want.  Most couples I work with have goals that include: being able to comfortably discuss any topic, genuinely enjoy each other's company, and confidently feel like they have a partner who "has my back."  This is the type of connection most people want and need in their lives.  It is possible to work towards these goals in your relationship, no matter what struggles and circumstances you've faced.


For Small Business Owners/Operators
Are you a business owner or operator, or are you self-employed?
 I specialize in helping couples in
which one or both partners own a business.  
For more about this, please click here or go to the "Self-employed?" page.

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