Divorce Mediation

A Peaceful Divorce is Possible

Divorce doesn't have to be dirty. It doesn't have to be devastating. It doesn't have to be the things everyone tells you it is.

*Have you made assumptions about how custody, visitation, or child support will go that make you feel worried and sad? 

*Are you so unsure about how to do this financially that you are struggling to sleep at night?

*Are you and/or your spouse so overwhelmed with intense feelings that trying to have calm, productive conversations seems impossible?


Mediation guides you in peaceful, productive, future-focused conversations.  These conversations help you arrive at mutual agreements that work for you and your family.  

I hear so often that people's primary concern is their children. It is one of the best signs of good parenting when adults are able to be focused on their children's well-being at such a sad and stressful time for themselves. Mediation puts you in the driver's seat of your custody and schedule arrangements.

Mediation gives you the freedom to arrive at agreements that work best for your family's unique circumstances and needs.

A final benefit of mediation is that it helps teach you how to have productive interactions that set the stage for good communication and easy negotiation in the future. 


I have worked with couples who decide to divorce in the course of therapy.  Long after they leave my office, I would wonder how their family was doing as they went through the divorce process. I wanted to be able to do more to help families in this situation. 

I became a divorce mediator so I could help couples navigate this difficult time as best as possible. Because I am a therapist, I know how gently get to the root of people's motivations and concerns.  I can also prevent and/or de-escalate the understandable outbursts of emotion. I am able to help guide couples out of focusing on the problems and towards focusing on solutions.

Mediation can help you get through your divorce with an agreement that honors the love and concern you have for your children and respects the needs each of you have as you go into the future.

Getting Started

To get set up for mediation, contact me via email.  Please make it clear that you are interested in mediation services. We will then schedule your initial 45min assessment. In that appointment, we will determine the issues to be mediated and I will provide guidance about the steps of the divorce process. We will make a plan for future mediation appointments. When we have finished mediation, I will provide you with a written memorandum of your agreements.

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