How Couples Therapy Can Help

Regain Trust

One of the common reasons people seek help is because they are in the crisis phase of discovering an affair. Others have tried a long time to regain trust with little success.  Alex has a great deal of experience helping couples recover from betrayal and has recently attended a training by Esther Perel, a leading therapist in the area of affairs and trust.

Communication Skills

There are basic receptive and expressive communication skills that Alex can teach you to integrate into your relationship.  There are also patterns we develop with our partners that get in the way of using constructive communication skills.  Alex can assess your communication patterns and teach you how to effectively communicate.

Improved Intimacy

It's difficult for a lot of people to talk about their physical intimacy.  Many couples avoid talking about it while others fight often about differences in desire and frequency. Therapy can be a safe place to talk about what you like most about your sex life, what you'd like more of, and how to resolve sexual issues you may be experiencing.

Create Closeness

It's normal to lose the connection you once shared when you spend years focusing on careers and kids.  Therapy can help you share with each other the loneliness you have been feeling and explore ways to reconnect.  Some couples report that just the process of making a first appointment makes them feel closer, as it is something they are doing to prioritize the relationship.

Make It Fun Again

A lot of therapy is serious, but there is also focus on how to feel alive and enthusiastic in your relationship again.  Remember when you used to have so much fun together? It's probably a big part of what made you want to be partners. Therapy can help you focus on bringing the lightness and fun back into your relationship.


Therapy can help you understand yourself and your relationships better.  We all have unique parts of our personalities that we have developed over time and for good reason.  Some of our characteristics help us and some get in our way.  Understanding who you are, what thoughts guide your behaviors, and how you are affected by others can make a world of difference.